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Mystery solved!

Thanks to the good folks at e-transcriptum, I got my postcard translated, at no charge!

As I posted a couple of days ago, I have a card with a photograph on one side and Russian handwriting on the other. While googling around for translation services, I found a link to e-transciptum on Cyndi’s List, a popular genealogy portal. I filled out a form and attached scans of the card mid-afternoon. A couple of hours later, I had a response.

Here’s the text again:


A translator named Evgeniya Vasilenko sent me the following reply:

The translation is: For me dear brother Konstantin Ilshtein (Elshtien) for a good memory. A. Ilshtein (Elshtein)
Leningrad, 20th of June, 1926

I also enquired about the embossed stamp in the corner.

Stamp: The word in the center is Leningrad, the date below is 1925, October, 18 (or 28)
First line is not clear, starts with A  ends with TER. It’s name of photo studio I guess. If you need exact name I can ask some specialists.

I am absolutely thrilled to get these details. The image in the photo is my great great uncle Abraham, the brother of my great-grandfather Konstantine Elstein.

Abraham Elstein, brother of my great-grandfather Konstantine.