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Adventures in tea

Zou and I have been drinking a lot of loose leaf tea recently. We have some red tea brought from China as a gift, and then received a selection of loose teas at Christmas. 

I’d been brewing tea in a small french press coffee maker which worked wonderfully but, a week or so ago, it hit the ceramic kitchen floor and broke. We have a small Piao i teapot that Z brought back from his travels but it only makes a very small cup, maybe half a mug. So after a doctor’s appointment, I popped into Teaopia at Fairview Mall and invested in a larger Tea Master that makes 16 ounces at a time. Unlike our smaller one, this pot steeps the tea and then you pop it onto your cup to release the brewed (and strained) liquid. The leaves can be reused to make an additional pot.

Teopia sells a wide variety of teas, including bulk teas in dozens of formulations. I picked up three types in (reusable) tins, one each of Irish Breakfast Tea, Caramelissimo (dessert in a cup!), and Sleep Well. The tins can be refilled at the store at a discounted price.

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