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Rycroft – Price Memorial Cards

Further to yesterday’s post about the Pritchard family In Memoriam cards, I thought I’d write about the other two cards that were found along-side them, those of my ancestors.

In Memory of John Stanley Ford Rycroft.
In Memory of John Stanley Ford Rycroft.

John Stanley Ford Rycroft was my maternal great-grandmother’s uncle. He was born in 1851 in Chester, England, the son of Thomas Rycroft, a pawnbroker. He appears to have lived much of his life on Princess Street, taking up his father’s profession, with a brief appearance on the 1871 census as an assistant master at Grammar School House in Farnworth.

Farnworth Grammar School

The record of probate shows that he left an estate of £4032 to his widow, Elizabeth Rose. He does not appear to have had children and his sister Annie Eliza lived with he and his wife, and worked as his assistant.

The other memorial card was for Arthur Rycroft Roscoe Price, my great-grandmother’s brother.

In Memory of Arthur Rycroft Roscoe Price
In Memory of Arthur Rycroft Roscoe Price

My great-grandmother’s mother died sometime before 1881, and the two younger children (Arthur and Edith) went to live with their maternal grandmother’s second husband in Toxteth Park, now Liverpool. (Yeah, it gets complicated.) The eldest two, Frances Amy and Emily Minnie, remained on Princess Street in Chester. Frances was a teacher and eventually became an Anglican nun. My great-grandmother Emily Minnie emigrated to Canada in 1889 where she met and married my great-grandfather, Stephen Robert Goddard, two years later.

Edith remained in Lancashire and worked for a baker (1901).

Wilson's Homemade Bread& Cakes, Garston
Site of Confectioner at 81 St. Mary’s Rd, Liverpool where Edith worked for owner Joseph Helsby.

Arthur married and is listed in various censuses as a tobacconist and a cycle-maker’s clerk. He had two daughters, Amy and Florence. He died relatively young at age 50 in 1922, leaving an estate of £440 pounds to his widow, Hannah Jane Mitchell.

If you are related to any of the above, then you’re related to me! Please leave a comment or contact me to share information.