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Perhaps my focus was misplaced….

Yuja Wang. (c) Christian Steiner, UC Berkeley
Yuja Wang. (c) Christian Steiner, UC Berkeley

Yuja Wang played Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No.1 last evening with brio. Enjoyable. Yet I spent the much of the piece marvelling at her outfit, worried that something would go horribly wrong.

Her dress was something like this except with a more fitted, v-shaped bodice:

On her feet she wore something like these:


She has an interesting bow when acknowledging applause. Very fast and deep. I kept expecting her to lose her balance and tumble forward.

After her performance, and surveying the audience for this late night performance, I imagined female Asian teenage pianists saying to their mothers “See! She wears micro-minis and stilettos, and Maestro Oundjian called her one of the best pianists on the planet! You gotta lighten up about my clothes, Mom….”

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