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Sunday Choral Report

I should really stop calling this a mass report as it’s typically all about the music (my posts, that is!)   Anyway, I was a little disapppointed that Father didn’t bring out the black vestments for All Souls, but he gave an excellent homily (wearing purple) and we had incense, so it was okay.

Processional: 450 (CBW3)…I can’t remember what hymn this was…my online source for CBW listings has disappeared so I”ll either need to shell out for a personal hymnal or write it all down at rehearsal!
Offertory:  Special request from our pastor for The Old Rugged Cross.  Yes, this is a Catholic church.  His uncle died last week and this was sung at the funeral.  Paul got a lovely setting of this chestnut (PDF file).  Much was sung a capella, with just a touch of support from the organ.
Communion: O Salutaris Hostia by Herbert Howells.  A lovely piece, sadly flubbed by the sopranos. (Just keepin’ it real, here.)
Recessional: 449 (CBW3) For All The Saints. With slighty “off” words again.  Why do hymnal editors mess with perfectly good language?
In the hopper:
Remember Not, Lord, Our Offences (Purcell) – for Remembrance Day I think.
Sia laudato San Francesco (Cortona Laudario)
Salve Regina (Josquin)
In Paradisum from Faure’s Requiem
The choir has also been asked to participate in the Aradia Ensemble’s Christmas Concert for Vivialdi’s Gloria.  Should be lovely to sing with this wonderful group!

An exciting heritage preservation project.


My former parish in suburban Atlanta has a massive and exciting project underway.  They want to purchase a gorgeous church in Buffalo, St. Gerard’s (above), and move it to their building site.

The parish was in the planning stages to build a church when Fr. Dye, the pastor, became aware of this beautiful church that had been closed early this year.

A sample:




The Atlanta parish is in the midst of having St. Gerard’s measured and mapped, and no doubt doing lots of praying about this project.  The style of this church is remarkably like the one that they had planned on building, and apparently the footprint is remarkably similar in size.

I am very excited for my former parish and wish them the best in this endeavour.

Sunday Report

Another big crowd out for choir this morning, and we were in fine form.

We sang a beautiful piece by Brahms during the offertory:  Lass Dict Nur Nichts Nicht Dauren (“Let Not Your Heart be Troubled”) (pdf).  My German is non-existent, so I had to pick up the pronounciation on the fly, but all was well.

During Communion we sang a stunning setting of the Lord’s Prayer by John Sheppard that we’ve done before (first page).  It was a cappella and the choir is quite good at not dropping the pitch.

Processional was Love Divine, All Loves Excelling (Hyfrydol), and recessional was For the Fruit of All Creation (Ar Hyd Y Nos, one of my favorite lullaby tunes.)  Our all-Welsh program!   A funny typo (or maybe not) in the former. Third line, verse one should read “Fix in us your humble dwelling;” but the Catholic Book of Worship III (choir edition, at least) reads “Fix us in your humble dwelling;”, quite another meaning altogether.

Back in the (choral) saddle

It was great to sing at mass yesterday, the first Sunday back for the choir.

It was an easy sing, as we had our first rehearsal in the hour and a half before mass, so we reprised a couple of pieces from last season. During the offertory, we did Sing My Soul by Ned Rorem, and then Rutter’s Gaelic Blessing during Communion.

The entrance hymn was to be Hymn to Joy but the traditional words were on  a different page from the harmony in the choir hymnals, so we ended up singing the words that begin “God the Spirit, Guide and Guardian” which seems to be an exhortation to priests and leaders.  It just wasn’t the same.  The closing hymn was All My Hope on God is Founded (CBW III, 479) with which I was not familiar.

Mass setting was Marty Haugen’s Mass of Creation which has apparently been used at this mass all summer.  Not my favorite.

It was truly great to be singing in a group again.  We started rehearsing some music for upcoming masses, including a gorgeous five-part Tudor setting of The Lord’s Prayer by John Sheppard and a choral setting of J.S. Bach’s Sheep May Safely  Graze.

Finally: A youth group for our parish


When we joined our parish a year ago, it was a disappointment to Alex that there was no apparent way for him to get involved with other youth.  

A newly ordained priest has just been assigned to our parish and he is starting a chapter of The Dead Theologians Society for young people in the parish aged 14-18.  It looks like a fantastic program and I couldn’t be happier.  Alex has already been in touch with Father D., and as soon as the swag has arrived from the US, they’ll start planning meetings.  

The motto is “Mortuum Mundo. Vivum In Christo” or  “Dead to the world, alive in Christ!”