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Back in the saddle

We returned from our vacation in Mexico on Saturday night.  We had a great time, with a novel approach (for us): our three families (my two siblings and I plus our children) rented a seven-bedroom villa south of Puerto Vallarta, on a quiet stretch of beach, with a pool and…ahem…staff. 

We were a total of 13 people (plus one in utero).  Each room had it’s own full bath so there was lots of privacy.  But being in the villa meant you could eat breakfast in your pyjamas, lunch in your bathing suit, and dinner however you felt!  The kitchen staff made breakfast and dinner and we fended for ourselves for lunch, eating leftovers or making sandwiches.  There was also a fellow who tended to the garden and pool and generally helped out.  The owner lived next door and his twenty-something son was around at the end of each day to make margaritas, serve dinner, and help with translation etc.  

I did very little during the week.  The first three nights were difficult because I got too much sun and had a blistering migraine that started in the evening each day.  I had my headache meds with me but only enough for three nights, so on Day 4 my sister scored me some more in town as they are sold over-the-counter down there.  But I had learned my lesson and tried to stay in the shade, with my hat and sunglasses, and I was fine for the remaining nights.

But I read some excellent books, napped, knit a bit, chatted, swam, and generally vegetated for a week and feel very refreshed.  

Others in the party went on various outings:  snorkeling, hiking, water park, shopping.  The only outing I went on was to mass at the beautiful Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe cathedral in town.  We dropped by a vegetarian buffet (Planeta Vegetariano) after mass and wandered around town a bit, but it was getting hot so I high-tailed it home.

I’ll post some pics once I get them transferred/sorted.  It’s great to be home (and I say that after doing six loads of laundry.)