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The Art of Manliness

I have alluded to my love for this site a couple of times.  As the mother of sons and wife of, well, a man, I am very happy to see a new upsurge of resources for men to explore what it means to be one.  This is probably not a popular sentiment among my feminist friends….but I see a generation of adult-boys out there and I despair for young women out there looking for a (male) life partner.

I married a manly-man.  In fact, that’s what first attracted me to him.  He knew how to take my coat, get me a drink, compliment me, and buy appropriate gifts.  This was not just courting behaviour, but has stood the test of time:  26 years of marriage.  Manliness, to me, is not a heavy beard and muscular physique.  It doesn’t preclude being fussy about clothing, particular about design, or having taste.  It’s an attitude of “I will look after you” even when the woman doesn’t particularly need looking after.  I am by no means a helpless female.  I am probably better suited to home repairs, computer management, bill paying, and multi-tasking. But I have a place to fall.


The Art of Manliness has just posted A Beginner’s Guide to The Art of Manliness:  A Guided Tour.  If you’re a man, someone who loves one, or the mother of boys and haven’t checked out the site, this would be a good time!  There’s also a book based on the site that I will be recommending to Santa for my boy-men: The Art of Manliness: Classic Skills and Manners for the Modern Man