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A Southern Baptist meets St. Anthony.

Jennifer at Conversion Diary is one of my favourite Catholic bloggers.  Her post today about her mother-in-law Yaya is one in a string of hilarious posts about this woman.  Here is the beginning, but you need to go there to read the whole thing:

My mother-in-law,Yaya, is Baptist. Well, currently she attends Joel Osteen’s church, but the official denomination that she would claim to be a part of (and in which she raised my husband) is the Southern Baptist church.

Friends sometimes ask if there’s been any tension between us and Yaya since my husband and I converted to Catholicism in 2007, but there really hasn’t been. Occasionally my husband will try to start a good-natured debate with her about doctrinal differences, but she’s never interested: “I love Jesus and y’all love Jesus and Jesus loves us and that’s all I really need to know,” she once said….

Like in every other area of life, the details of Christian doctrine are of little importance to her — in fact, I’m not sure if she notices them at all. She is so intensely focused on the big picture that she doesn’t have time to mess around with the small things. (For example, when she unloads the dishwasher when she’s visiting our house, she takes the silverware basket and just dumps the whole thing into the drawer. “I’m not gonna sit there and sort knives and forks when I’ve got grandchildren I could be hugging and kissing!” she says.)

Nevertheless, as a gesture of respect I rarely bring up the areas of Christian doctrine where Baptists and Catholics differ. In general, I figure there’s no need to wade into controversial territory and risk causing tension between us.

But then Yaya lost some important paperwork. And I decided to tell her about St. Anthony.

Go and read about Yaya’s experience with St. Anthony.

Four new-to-me podcasts that I’ve recently picked up…

Definitely Not the Opera (CBC) – With Sook-Yin Lee;  An entertaining look at popular culture.

Wiretap (CBC) – I love Jonathan Goldstein’s columns in the National Post.  This is even better!  Wilson’s been getting long walks so that I can listen to two eps back to back.

Freakonomics Radio (NYT) – You read the book. Now listen to the podcast.

The Therapeutics Education Collaboration podcast is intended for medical practitioners.  It presents information on evidence-based drug therapy content, and give that I’ve been getting some, I’m interested in looking at the evidence.  It’s Canadian too, which is good ’cause we’ve got a slightly different approach to pushing the pills.


It’s hard to be hip and be taken seriously…

A link to this blog arrived in my twitter feed and it’s just priceless.  It appears to be photos taken from Dwell (“At Home in the Modern World”) with humorous captions appended:  The most recent post includes this photo….


….with the caption “You can come out when you can properly explain the differences between Modernist architecture and postmodern ornamentation.”

Go see the rest at Unhappy Hipsters!

Toilet Paper…the research.


I don’t know this young woman, other than to read her blog, and I just started at that.  She hosts the Ten for Tuesday questionnaire that I participated in this week, and one of the questions was “Do you have a toilet paper preference?”  She noted that she was VERY opinionated on this topic, which I found intriguing and perhaps….odd.

Today’s post just cracked me up.  It explains all.  As a former market researcher, I found this brilliant and hilarious at the same time.  An excerpt and just the beginning of the story:

The year was 2005. The month was August. The city was Austin, Texas. I am the main character. It was the beginning of my junior year of college and it was my second year in an apartment. One afternoon I went to HEB to get groceries and other necessities. All seemed to be going well until a dark cloud came and ruined an otherwise cheery grocery trip. I found myself in the toilet paper aisle surrounded by countless types of toilet paper. I realized that I was lost. One ply, two ply, three ply, ultra, super, extra, soft, plush, single roll, double roll, triple roll, with aloe, quilted, printed. It went on and on. I needed a map.

I read the packages and quickly became overwhelmed. I was stressed by the immense pressure to pick the perfect roll. It was just too much, I couldn’t handle it. I was two Charmin bears away from a complete breakdown. I was about to walk away paperless when I realized that the problem will not go away. I would face this dilemma often, until forever. Right there, standing in front of those Charmin bears, I came up with a brilliant idea. I would try them all! Yes! Yes, I would try them all! And then I would decide which one is the best and I’d never be confused again! …. 

Read the rest!