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Final readathon update. I promise.

First of all, apologies to my subscribers for the whole pile of email you got from my blog yesterday. I’ll likely return to silent mode for a while, just like you’re used to.

But here we are. The 24 hour readathon is over and I lasted 18 hours.

Around 1:30 am, I thought that reading from my bed would be fun and comfy. It was getting cold in the house so I grabbed my last book and headed up, leaving behind the little nest that had served me all day.

Unretouched, actual nest of this readathon participant.
Unretouched, actual nest of this readathon participant.

Ollie curled up on the other side of the bed while I continued on with The Empathy Exams. After a few minutes, he dove under the blankets and lay with his head on the pillow and his back pressed against my back. He has never done that before and it was exceedingly cute. And then I started to feel myself get very sleepy. It must have been the rhythmic doggie breathing. I was a goner.

I woke up shortly before 8, the end of the readathon. I had set my phone alarm for 9 am just in case. (I like to wake up to The Stones’ Beast of Burden (soundcloud clip).  I find it the perfectly positive and motivating music for first thing.) I have to be at choir for 10 am on Sunday mornings so this was my cutoff for sleep, regardless of how much I managed to get. Having scored a good 6 hours, I’m ready to sing!

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Enjoy your Sunday.