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An alternative view of the AGO.


I had never been around to the rear of the new-ish Art Gallery of Ontario transformation (Frank Gehry) until last Friday when I found myself with some time to kill between dates. I settled onto a bench on Grange Park and enjoyed the sun and a good book. The back of the gallery is such a contrast to the front, yet almost as interesting. The shots above are from my iPhone, so not the greatest of quality.

Below, an image of the front facade from the AGO website.

Also from the AGO website, a shot of the staircase (above) from the inside.

It’s hard to be hip and be taken seriously…

A link to this blog arrived in my twitter feed and it’s just priceless.  It appears to be photos taken from Dwell (“At Home in the Modern World”) with humorous captions appended:  The most recent post includes this photo….


….with the caption “You can come out when you can properly explain the differences between Modernist architecture and postmodern ornamentation.”

Go see the rest at Unhappy Hipsters!

An exciting heritage preservation project.


My former parish in suburban Atlanta has a massive and exciting project underway.  They want to purchase a gorgeous church in Buffalo, St. Gerard’s (above), and move it to their building site.

The parish was in the planning stages to build a church when Fr. Dye, the pastor, became aware of this beautiful church that had been closed early this year.

A sample:




The Atlanta parish is in the midst of having St. Gerard’s measured and mapped, and no doubt doing lots of praying about this project.  The style of this church is remarkably like the one that they had planned on building, and apparently the footprint is remarkably similar in size.

I am very excited for my former parish and wish them the best in this endeavour.