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Friday Seven

  1. What an autumn. I sit here in Toronto with all my windows open, enjoying the November air. In the evenings, I put on the fireplace to keep toasty, but really. I’m enjoying this immensely.

    Ollie, cozy in front of the fireplace.
    Ollie, cozy in front of the fireplace.
  2. I had a med check with my doc last month to discuss what I’m on and, based on my blood work, see if any adjustments needed to be made. I was pretty sure my thyroid levels were a little high as I’m always warm, but he said that I was just fine. I also wanted to reduce the level of the SSNRI that I’ve been on for quite a while as I’m feeling well and thought it would be nice to get off it. He looked at me with a smile and said “You know, it could be the meds that are keeping you feeling well.” Acknowledged this, and we decided to give it a go to see whether my post-menopausal moods really needed it. I started the weaning process and cut down by 25% by alternating pill sizes each day. No apparent changes to my mood, but I had completely forgotten about the pain issues that Cymbalta is known to treat. It’s been two weeks, enough time to get to a steady state at 75% dose and I’ve decided to go back up. The total-body achiness is all coming back to me and I don’t want to be there again.
  3. I fixed the pilot light in my hot water tank! Well, fixed might be pushing it. I relit it. But I’ve never done it before and was pretty happy with my home repair skillz. We’ve never had an issue with our tank, but a recent shower that ended up lukewarm suggested that something was amiss. Luckily, the instructions were written on the tank. The hardest part was getting my creaky body down on to the floor to actually see the little flame (or, lack thereof.)
  4. My friend Kath is coming from Ottawa tomorrow for a week to do some genealogical research and go to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. We’re attending on November 11 and will see the Longines FEI World Cup and spend time on the exhibition floor. Last year I discovered that show cows wear hair extensions and some type of glossy spray is used to shine up the udders. We’ll also try to get to the Goats on the Go show, and watch for the latest Toronto celebrity-goat, Turbo. There are lots of great, local wares for sale, like honey, wool, flour, cheese, and an entire area devoted to Northern Ontario producers. Plus lots horsey and animal stuff for the hardcore. Kath got a gorgeous turquoise blanket two years ago for her horse River.

    Kath and River, Spring 2014
    Kath and River, Spring 2014
  5. Genealogy-wise, we’ll hit the Archives of Ontario (at York University), the City of Toronto Archives, and probably the Toronto Reference Library. We’re hoping to have our annual breakfast with our mutual friend Jay at OverEasy on Bloor Street. (Other hangers-on are welcome!) We’ll try to fit in a visit to the Turner exhibit at the AGO and/or Warhol at the Lightbox; Kath is an artist (although she hasn’t been arting much over the past few years.) When we went to the Abstract Expressionist exhibit at the AGO a couple of years ago (her favorite period), she taught me so much. It’s exciting to see art with a knowledgeable person.
  6. I’ll be spending a quite a bit of time in Vancouver over the next year or two. Z has “moved” out there for work, has a lovely apartment in the Coal Harbour area, and I will be the one commuting. I’m aiming for half time out there and the rest here in Toronto. It will be a change to go from cold and sunny to mild and grey, but I like the city and will try to find a way to bring Ollie out with me with the least stress for him (and me.) Otherwise, his brother from another mother (and father), namely, my elder son, is very happy to dogsit in my absence.
  7. Saw an excellent documentary on the microbiome on The Nature of Things last week. I’ve been reconsidering my diet over the past few months, trying to reduce the amount of animal protein I consume. More to come on the blog.

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