My bookish childhood.

Hour two of the readathon, we’re asked to relate our top 5 bookish childhood moments. While not really moments, I’ve chosen to share memories. In approximately chronological order:

  1. I have a vague recollection of learning to read from the newspaper with my mom. There was a feature every day that might have involved cutting out letters or something. My sister and I were both strong, early readers, so this was key.
  2. Weekly trips to the library. We started very early. First my mother took us and then we went with our school classes, as the library was pretty much next door.

    Rosemount Library, Ottawa, Canada
    Rosemount Library, Ottawa, Canada
  3. My parents were both big readers, and we had lots of books in the house (as well as our weekly stack of library books.) We didn’t have a television in the living room, so a lot of our time was spent lounging around there with books, while my father played jazz records.
  4. Our parties at the cottage involved candy and reading! We didn’t have electricity up there and it was quite remote. My father would declare a party night, the candy barrel would come out of the storage room, the powerful Coleman lamp would be lit, and we’d all sit around it, reading and eating. This is perhaps why the readathon appeals so much to me: books and snacks!
  5. My favorite childhood book memories are the Winnie the Pooh books, the Narnia books, Harriet the Spy, and the books of fairy tales with colours in the names that my sister always checked out.


Your thoughts?

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