Barometric Pressure & Migraine

Very interesting piece on weather, headache, and arthritis. Experiencing all three at the moment. Now off to find some barometric pressure change info for Toronto….

Hope for Hemiplegic Migraines

When I grow up, I wanna be a human barometer… said no one ever! But, that is in fact what many people with migraine, arthritis, former athletes, etc. grow up to be, human barometers.

Ages ago, long before the Weather Channel and 10 Day Forecasts on the local news were even a glimmer of thought, people could rely on Old Uncle Fester and his Rheumatism acting up to know a storm was on it’s way, or Aunt Martha and the Terrible Headache to know to dive into the root cellar because a powerful storm was tearing through the plains.  Somewhere along the way, in all of its medical prowess the medical system forgot about the reliability of the body, and ran with the hypothesis that if a group scientists could not quantifiably prove something to be true, then it must in fact not be true. Ha! What fools we…

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