2015 Reading Challenge – Canadian Edition

Here’s an interesting reading challenge that some of my Canadian readers might like to try!

Literal Life

Matilda, Roald Dahl; Illustration by Quentin Blake

Goal: diversify your reading!

While this challenge encourages you to ‘read Canadian’ (CanLit is fantastic!!), there are so many opportunities here to read beyond your comfort zones. New genres, new locations, new themes, new perspectives – each book you choose to read as part of this challenge has the potential to take you so many places, opening your minds in completely new ways. I would also like to encourage your to read diversely when choosing your authors and books.

The challenge is fairly straight–forward: find a book to read that fits each ‘task’.

With my own reading, I am not going to ‘double-dip’ (or triple-dip, etc.) my book choices. Meaning that I will not use one book for more than one task. Some people may prefer to mix-and-match the tasks, knocking off several tasks with one book. This is absolutely fine!! There are no…

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Your thoughts?

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