Onward to the past

For a variety of reasons, I haven’t been very active in the genealogy community here in Toronto for the past year and a half. But things are calming down and I made it out to the local branch meeting last night, spurred on by the change to hear Carolyn Abraham speak. She’s the author of The Juggler’s Children: A Journey into Family, Legend and the Genes that Bind Us that was recommended to me by a friend who is also researching her family history. She spoke compellingly of the advantages of using DNA sequencing in researching one’s family history and I’m excited to start reading her book. Abraham is a freelance journalist and in her role as a science writer, came face to face with the potential of genetic research while writing about the Human Genome Project. Her book will hit my reading list very soon.

The second half of the meeting was a mini-presentation about researching your family history through books. With vast numbers of volumes being digitised, there are a lot of resources online for finding and ordering or downloading books of family histories. In particular she mentioned the following sources:

The Internet Archive and their Open Library
Google Books
Pickering-Ajax Digital Archive

One of the attendees also mentioned Our Roots / Nos Racines as being an excellent source of local histories, and another recommended the Books collection at Family Search. I have also used Early Canadiana Online and Peel’s Prairie Provinces with great success.

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