Old dog, new toaster (oven)

Those of you who know my bother John are aware of his bargain-hunting tendencies. It’s not that he doesn’t like to part with his money (viz, very expensive (Sub-Zero?) but bargain-priced freezer sitting in his dining room until future kitchen reno.) He just likes to get a deal.

A truck-load of Panasonic small appliances came to his attention while he was browsing kijiji and he ended up purchasing “a number  of ” identical toaster ovens, the ones with the lights instead of the heating element. The toasters were selling, new-in-box, for more than 70% off retail. He offered me one before he bought them, but I declined, citing a perfectly acceptable regular old toaster and lack of counter space.

Panasonic NB-G110P

He brought one of the mini ovens up to the cottage on our Thanksgiving weekend and as he was leaving, told me that I was welcome to take it with me if I wanted it. I was heading to Montreal to see Michael so I thought that I could give it to him for his apartment.  Michael’s roommate had brought one with him when he moved it, so I ended up taking it home and decided to try it out. I moved our old toaster to another counter, thinking I’d just use it a couple of times and then it could go back up to the cottage.

I have to say it’s pretty fabulous.

I’ve used it for toast, frozen pizza, reheating previously-frozen pizza, crisping croissants, and baking a frozen chicken cordon-bleu thingy. It’s fast, energy-efficient, and for a family of (on average) 2, a time-saver. It takes no time at all to heat up for baking.

I’m going to slip him some cash next time I see him and give my old toaster to Goodwill.

Does anyone have an extra Vitamix they got a great deal on? It, too, could change my life.


1 thought on “Old dog, new toaster (oven)

  1. I love gadgets… and my oven is terrible. It doesn’t even have a fan – I got the builder to choose it when I was having my kitchen redone. Big mistake.
    Must… resist…

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