Could this be an ancestor?

I found this postcard amongst my late grandmother’s things, and I’ve had it around for 20 years or so, wondering if it might be her father or uncle.

SCAN0339The reverse of the card has Russian writing that I have not had translated yet.


If any of my readers can help me out, I’d be much obliged.

My grandmother, Vera Elstein, was born in 1903 in the town of Alexandrovsk, Yekaterinoslav region, Russia, now Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. She was born to a Jewish father (Konstantine Elstein) and a Russian mother (Alexandra Meznekoff) and though she was raised as a Jew, she was baptised three days after she was born at Saint Nicholas Church. She was the first of ten siblings. Two years later, possibly because of the rise of anti-semitism, Vera and her parents emigrated to Canada. A sister Nadia was born onboard ship and died during the voyage. The remaining eight siblings were born in Winnipeg, Manitoba where Konstantine worked as a teamster and cattle dealer.

Vera Elstein and her mother Sarah Meznekoff, Ottawa, 1950s.
Vera Elstein and her mother Sarah Meznekoff, Ottawa, 1950s.

Konstantine’s sister Anna married a Michael Jampolsky and they emigrated to Canada around the same time, settling in Lipton, Saskatchewan. Jampolsky was a farmer, as was his brother Kostea (short for Konstantine….). Both Anna and Alexandra (known as Sarah) named children Vera.

I have a large box of photos, and would really like to identify some of the people from my past. If someone can help me with the translation above, it would get me started.

3 thoughts on “Could this be an ancestor?

  1. A mystery! It will be fabulous when you get the writing translated and can move onto the next phase of the search. Good luck!

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