For father’s day. A little about mine.

Winnipeg, MB. 1920s
Winnipeg, MB. 1920s

The son of Russian Jews, my father was born to David Berkman and Vera Elstein in Regina Saskatchewan, 1924. I don’t have any pictures of my grandfather; he and Vera divorced when my father was very young and she apparently cut him out of surviving photographs. But his work as a furrier survives in photographs of my father in tiny fur coats.

Winnipeg, 1920s. My father is in the front, with his uncles Morris and Louis behind him.

By 1934, they were living in Ottawa where my grandmother worked as a saleslady at the Madame Louise Hat Shop on Bank Street which was run by David, also the proprietor of Berk’s Dress Shop. Vera also worked with fur, and was an accomplished dressmaker. Unlike my maternal grandmother, she wore wigs, nail polish and makeup, exotic clothing, and was something of a style maven.

Vera and her mother Sarah (Alexandra) Meznekoff on Russell Ave in Ottawa. 1950s
Vera and her mother Sarah (Alexandra) Meznekoff on Russell Ave in Ottawa. 1950s

My father attended Lisgar Collegiate where he was known as Bunny Berkman, a nickname my grandmother gave him.

1940s, Ottawa
1940s, Ottawa

He was an excellent trumpet player and led a student combo that included Mort Katz, who still gigs around Ottawa.

LIsgar Collegiate Institute, 31st Annual Concert, Jan 1943.
LIsgar Collegiate Institute, 31st Annual Concert, Jan 1943.

After graduating from Lisgar, he went to Queen’s University as part of the class of Meds49 where he apparently had a very good time. The reverse of this photograph has a woman’s name, phone number, and address on it.

Queen's Football Game, Kingston. late 40s.
Queen’s Football Game, Kingston. late 40s.
Graduation from Queen's School of Medicine, 1949
Graduation from Queen’s School of Medicine, 1949

He did post-graduate studies in Cardiology at Georgetown University under Dr. Proctor Harvey, and returned to Canada to begin working at the Ottawa General Hospital.

He married my mother in 1958. I was born in 1960, my sister Frances in 1961, and my brother John in 1964. My parents bought a cottage in Quebec, north of Ottawa, in 1967 and we spent many summers there. My father was the main family photographer and so there are not a lot of photos with him in them. Here’s one of the five of us.

31 MIle Lake, Quebec. July 1968
31 MIle Lake, Quebec. July 1968

He was an introvert, but well-loved by his students, winning a teaching award at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine. He was intrigued by technology, built a Heathkit television and audio components, learned to program on an early Apple computer, scoured record stores every Saturday for new jazz releases (sometimes taking one of us with him and often “losing” us), and continued to play the trumpet on his own and, from time to time, with his friends.

He died in 1986 of cancer of the duodenum, predeceased by his mother in 1980.

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6 thoughts on “For father’s day. A little about mine.

  1. Janet, I loved this e-mail. It is a very good synopsis of your father’s life. I had never seen that photo in the 20’s until recently. I would love know who coloured it.

    Take care and I am really looking forward to your time here.

    Love, Mom

  2. Janet, I greatly enjoyed reading your post about your father as I know a great deal about your Mom from my own – but not that much about him. Glad also to see that the post has your Mom’s “seal of approval”! ;-{)

  3. HI Janet,

    I’m a little slow but I very much enjoyed reading this post and remembering your Dad. A great Fathers’ Day entry! I was reminded of a tape, which I still have, he put together and gave me titled “Elegant Dinner (or whatever) Music’ And, yes, I still have a tape player.

    Also, your item on pianist Yuja Wang really resonated with me; I tend to get a little uptight when I see soloists performing in lowcut (my opinion) strapless gowns. What also amazed me about the photo of Y. Wang were her shoes!

    Hope you and family are well – and that your plans for Turkey won’t be derailed.

    Love Edith

    Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2013 20:22:32 +0000 To:

  4. I had Doctor Berkman as a student, intern and resident in the late 60s-early 70s, and he was very well liked.

    A quiet, unassuming, and very warm individual

  5. Hi Janet,
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your family lore. Some of the photos are familiar to me. I am your cousin Lally, namesake of your great aunt. My mother was Vera’s sister Betty. We met your brother John years ago when he visited our home in Toronto.
    Very best wishes,
    Lally Fogel

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