My favourite babysitter

My favourite babysitter.

My mother met Lucille Boyer when she was asked to teach Sunday School at a Baptist mission at Preston and Carling in Ottawa. She taught from the Fall of 1949 to June of 1951, when she was interning at the Ottawa Civic Hospital. Lucille was one of her pupils, apparently something of a wild child, and they have remained friends to today.

Ottawa Civic Hospital Interns. Spring 1950
Ottawa Civic Hospital Interns. Spring 1950 – Mom is left-most in front row (seated).

Lucille often babysat us when we were young. In this photo, she and her fiancé at the time, Don Campbell, had likely taken us out one Saturday afternoon while my parents got some shopping done. In the photograph,  taken in 1962, we’re parked on the Ottawa River Parkway in front of Don’s 1958 Pontiac. Lucille is holding my sister Frances and I’m standing. She and her soon-to-be-growing family spent Christmas Day with us through much of my childhood, and she’s in the Christmas photo I posted a couple of weeks ago.

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