Thoughts of May

We resodded our lawn last year while doing some exterior renovations. We had a very overgrown and neglected garden, the product of the toil of a loving gardener in the past, and left to its own devices (and occasionally simple mowed short) by the owner before us. We wrestled with it, trying to weed and wrangle it into shape for the past few seasons, but it was overwhelming. So a backhoe plowed it up last year, new topsoil was added, and sod rolled out covering the old beds and rocky areas.

There were some stalwart plants that lay dormant under the sod, for the have pushed their way through. Three little clumps of new life on a bed of greening grass

A metaphor for something I’m sure.

My spring plans include garden filled with herbs (basil, mint, oregano, rosemary), tomatoes, onions, garlic; a new-to-me bike; life on the back porch; and floaty clothing with bare feet in sandals.

Your thoughts?

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