Seven Quick Takes Friday


1. Oh look! My computer remembered my password to log into my blogging site. It’s been a long time, but perhaps spring is pushing me to get back in the game, so to speak.

2. It will be a busy summer. Boy number one has written his last undergraduate exam and will be coming home from Queens next week. Boy number two is aching to get outta town, but he has to finish grade 12. He’ll be at McGill in the music performance program next year, and already has an apartment and a roomate. So we’ll have them both through the summer no doubt, and that may try our patience at times, but we’re hoping for payback of an empty nest in the fall.

3. I need to get my ass in shape. Seriously. I may be at a personal worst weight-wise at the moment. Am considering getting a hipster city bike if I can find a decent one for a reasonable price. Must also ramp up the walking. With no dog in the house, I have little motivation to get outside and just cruise the ‘hood. 

4. I have a couple of house projects launching: we are in the process of swapping my office and our dining room. The latter will go into half the living room, and the former will now be in the room off our kitchen. I want to make these pseudo-built-in bookcases to fit one wall:



We also need a new mattress, which is the best time to upgrade to a king bed. Every time we sleep in a king in a hotel, we remark how much better sleep we get. I’ve found the mattress I think I want and now need to find a bed to put it on. I kinda like this one:

Source: via Janet on Pinterest


5. I picked up this book when I was placing an amazon order the other day. It was written in 1959 and I’d seen a review of it somewhere. It’s rather retro, but still has some excellent advice for women today.

6. I learned how to create a form using Google Drive this week. My book club needed to vote on a book for our summer “big read” and I had the feeling that previous in-person discussions were kind of difficult to manage. The votes are coming in and it looks like the chosen book will be…. not telling! I’ll announce it at our meeting this Sunday.

7. If you’re a friend on Facebook, you’ve probably seen some of these items already. I’ll need to figure out how to keep the blog fresh with new content, but this is at least a start. Sorry it’s been so long. 



Your thoughts?

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