Fanado…what’s it all about?

Probably the best way to understand it is to watch this brief video featuring Margaret Atwood.
Fanado (pronounced like “fanatic” but ending with “doe”) is a way to bring fans and artists together remotely. Some of you may have heard about (or experienced) Atwood’s Long Pen technology, a concept she developed to enable her to sign books at a distance. Fanado takes this technology one step further in combining video capability permitting you to chat with the artist and record the interaction including the autograph. Fanado Mobile will make this possible with digital media, anywhere, anytime.

Using IndieGoGo, Fanado set out to collect $85,000 via crowd-sourced funding, and I was excited to play a (small) role in this. They collected almost $95,000 with 389 funders by the deadline and so the project is a go!
My first “perk” is this badge that I display proudly.

Your thoughts?

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