Why I love my library


I’m gearing up for the next Seasonal Reading Challenge at Goodreads. These are fun challenges and encourage me to read, read, read my little heart out.

Members are given a set of criteria for choosing books, points are assigned, and you see how many you can read over the three month period. The next challenge has the theme “Australia” so some of the tasks have that theme.

I’ve started my reading list and am fitting in various books from my hold list and personal bookshelves into the tasks. I’ll have to read By Love Possessed, a book of short stories by Lorna Goodison, in the first three days as it’s due back to the library March 3.

The point of the post title is this: pretty well all of the books I want to read are available from my wonderful Toronto Public Library…some have long hold lists, but I get myself on it and the book eventually wends its way to me.

You can look at my spreadsheet at the link to see what’s coming up. I won’t get through everything, and not all the tasks are posted yet, but the plan is coming together.

Next quarter’s reading plan spreadsheets2.google.com

Your thoughts?

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