Adventures in sleep apnea


Apparently I snore.

Enough to keep my poor husband awake, and he has his own sleep issues to contend with.

I had my son’s orthodontist make me a device a couple of years ago but even after a couple of adjustments, it abraded the inside of my lower jaw and I simply could not wear it consistently.

My current dentist offered another solution that was half the price and has turned out to be much more tolerable.  The first night I wore it, I had a dream about eating toffee and ended up pulling it out (in my sleep) and tossing it in the trash can beside my bed, but nights two and three were fine.  My snoring was pretty much eliminated, at least such are the reports.  I’ll start using my iPhone sleep app to see if I”m getting better sleep as well, but I certainly awoke feeling quite refreshed.

Your thoughts?

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