Seven Quick Takes Friday




It really feels like Thanksgiving right now.  Warm(-ish) days and cool nights.  We don’t have anthing big planned for the weekend….I haven’t even really thought about dinner yet.  But Alex will be coming back from Queen’s tonight.  He’s in his second year of Math, first year living in a house with friends, and it will be great to see him.


Zou and I have been enjoying the week at the Toronto Palestine Film Festival.  After tonight’s screening of Budrus (trailer below), we’ll have seen five films and four shorts, plus Zou attended the Palestinian Breakfast last Sunday at Beit Zatoun.  The films have given me a lot to think about, and I’m planning a longer post sometime on the weekend. It’s such a difficult situation and my heart hurts for those who have been displaced.  


I am really behind on my genealogy courses, and I need to get myself in gear.  I’m planning a visit to the Family History Centre here in Toronto, the first assignment in one of my current courses.  These LDS facilities are an amazing source of genealogical information, and are the subject of one of my two courses this term.


Next week will be another busy one.  My mom is coming for another visit to see an ailing friend outside of Toronto.  Zouheir heads to Rimouski on business for a day.  We’re expecting a visit from his brother-in-law next weekend, and Alex may come back to Toronto for a concert on Friday night.  I’m also hoping to see Complicité’s A Disappearing Number, broadcast in HD to local theatres by NT Live on Thursday night.  


Wilson had his shots and physical yesterday and all is well.  The vet still wants to do teeth cleaning in February, despite all my efforts with marrow bones and enzyme spray.  He says that his gums are receding at the front, but this teeth cleaning is a huge expense and I’m thinking that I will put it off for another year.  I love my vet, but I can’t help but think that this is a bit of a money pit.


Michael has recently bumped his tuba lessons up to an hour and a half (every two weeks).  With all the Hannaford repertoire and learning new fingering on the Eb instrument, we decided that this made sense.  He simply loves his lessons, and is very dedicated to practicing.  He will also be starting trombone lessons with William Carn in a week and a half.  He worked with William at National Music Camp this summer and he needs to get his repertoire solid for the Jazz.FM youth big band and for school stage band.  Bonus for me that William lives a short bus ride from our place so no schlepping him downtown!


I’ve already mentioned this book, but The Help by Kathryn Stockett is fabulous.  I’ve been listening to it on audiobook thanks to the Toronto Public Library and now look forward to long car rides and dog walks when I tend to listen to it.  It’s set in the early 60s and tells the story of two African-American maids who work in white households in Mississippi, and a white woman who decides to tell their stories.  This is a tumultuous time in race relations in the South, and the voices of these women are well rounded.  There is at least one significant revelation coming and I can hardly put it down!

I’m also reading Scarpetta by Patricia Cornwell.  I love her books about the feisty forensic psychologist, but am having a bit of trouble following the action in this one.  The backstory works through her books in sequence, and I think I’ve missed a few novels over the past years.  


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