Seven Quick Takes – The Paleo Edition


It’s been a while since I did one of these posts, but there’s been a lot on my plate, so here goes.


The Paleo diet is going pretty well!  I’ve stuck to it (at least the version that allows alcohol) and I’m down 2.5 pounds since Monday, which is nothing to sniff at.  Best of all, I feel good, not deprived, and merely wondering what I’ll be eating for take-out Friday tonight.  


Michael was offered a position in the Hannaford Youth Band, the top level of the three Hannaford Youth programs.  It’s (apparently) mostly “university students and advanced high school students”  so as a 15 year-old kid in Grade 10, he was pretty happy!  He reported on a very interesting discussion during the audition about what it takes to be accepted to study music in university (grades, piano, theory, etc) and he was pretty pumped up about this opportunity.  Between this and the Jazz.FM Youth Big Band, he’s going to be a busy boy this year.


I haven’t really blogged about the Toronto International Film Festival.  This was my first year getting my own tickets and I had a marvellous time.  I had four tickets for films on my own (one of which I missed) and three that I saw with Zouheir on the second weekend.  All the films were sold out early (or “off sale” as tiff says) and I was happy with all my choices.  I saw:

  • Waiting for Superman (doc on education with panel featuring Bill Gates, educator Geoffrey Canada and the director and producer)
  • Brighton Rock (based on the Graham Greene novel, but set in the 60s)
  • The Human Resources Manager (wonderful film from director of The Lemon Tree and The Syrian Bride)
  • Easy A (See it!  It’s in theatres now!)
  • Super (Low budget, comic-book-gory film featuring Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Liv Tyler, Kevin Bacon …)
  • Love Crime (French thriller)

I’ve bought a membership to the Lightbox and we’ve got our first screening coming up which brings me to ….


Next week, at the Lightbox, they will be screening the number one film from their Essential Cinema list of 100 movies.  The Passion of Joan of Arc is a silent film by Carl Theodor Dreyer from 1928 and it will be screened with accompaniment (well, it’s really more than that) of the Toronto Consort and Choir 21 performing Richard Einhorn’s Voices of Light.  We got tickets from the second (no food) screening and I’m very much looking forward to this.


Wilson has been relegated to the kitchen at night as Z doesn’t like him in our room.  So he’s been a bit of a morning barker these days, particularly when the newspapers drop.  It’s still meant that I’ve been sleeping later than usual, and am not up until about 7:30 am, which is at least an hour after my former rising time.  It kind of throws my whole day off and I may start setting my alarm to get up earlier.  I don ‘t like looking up from my coffee and papers and it’s already 10 am.


Zou is doing well.  It’s two weeks post surgery and he no longer feels the incision in his back when he moves.  He still wears and bandage on it, but he’s feeling good and wants to start doing a bit of exercise.  Thanks once again for all your thoughts and prayers.  You can shift them over to me so that I can cope with him being at home all day (just kidding!).


This weekend will be busy.  My non-church choir is singing at a wedding at St. Michael’s Cathedral Saturday afternoon, my mom arrives for a few days late Saturday, and Michael has his second Big Band practice that evening.  On Sunday, church choir starts back up (yay!), and then Word on the Street is in the afternoon.  Michael has his first Hannaford rehearsal that afternoon where he’ll get an Eb tuba to play, and start learning to read the treble clef.  That evening, we’re hosting a little birthday party for my niece and nephew. Cleaning and Costco are up for the rest of the day!


For other quick takes, visit Jennifer over at Conversion Diary!

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