I need to shock my system

I have been incredibly lethargic these past few weeks, probably a combination of stress/grief/anxiety….and unbridled consumption coupled with not-so-much exercise.  I had the old “I’ll just cut back on portion sizes” talk with myself, but apparently I wasn’t listening.

A random tweet crossed my iphone this evening that took me to this blog post, and I found myself thinking that this might be the ticket.  Something to try for a month and see how I feel.  The Paleo Diet.  Lean meat, seafood, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds. (Or maybe not seeds.  TBD.)  No added salt.  Honey or maple syrup for sweetening. No dairy (cheese!  coffee cream!). No grains (bread! pasta! rice! cookies!).  

Now you medical people amongst my friends and family are probably shaking your heads in dismay, but if I’m able to drop some weight and feel better in apparently many potential ways, I think it will be worth a try.  My main issue will be cooking for my men, but I’ll just have to do the layered thing that I did when the boys were toddlers, except that I’ll be the one not eating some of the food. 

I start tomorrow.  

1 thought on “I need to shock my system

  1. The Paleo sounds very similar to the Mediterranean diet, but a little more restrictive. If you’ve got the inclination, pick up:http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0060578785/ref=wms_ohs_productTheir modified food pyramid alone is worth looking at because it’s a great reminder of how you should be prioritizing your eating.Frankly, a lot of these diets really just spell out how we all "should" be eating – lots of veg, little to no red meat, fish, fruit nuts etc.

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