Home, but still on holidays.

Last week in France was a bit of an emotional ride, but it was such a worthwhile trip on many fronts.  My mother-in-law’s diagnosis of cancer of the pancreas was confirmed and she will start chemotherapy later this week.  I met a 17-year-old nephew for the first time.  I got to know some other nephews and in-laws better just for spending time en famille for a week.  And I saw Paris with my sons, who are now old enough to appreciate its beauty, craziness, and wonder.

Alex and I returned to Toronto on Saturday as he starts his summer (camp counsellor) job tomorrow.  Our return was in the midst of the G20 craziness, and I watched some of the rioting on television before turning it off in disgust.  It may also explain the extraordinary security we went through before boarding our flight at Charles de Gaulle Saturday morning.

Yesterday was a bit of a haze….I slept for over ten hours, went to choir and mass and then a reception for our wonderful associate pastor who has been transferred.  I got the laundry together yesterday afternoon, picked up some groceries, and made a feeble attempt at putting some travel stuff away, before we headed to dinner at my brother’s place. I fell into bed at 9 and slept until 6 this morning.

Michael and Zouheir stayed on in France for another week, so it still feels like holidays.  Alex will likely be out for much of the week, between camp and his busy social life, so i bought a lot of fruit, stuff for salad, and not much else.  I don’t plan to cook a lot this week, particularly with the horrid humidity here.  I picked up Wilson from the kennel this morning and all reports were excellent.  The staff seem to love him and he was suitably excited to see me, provoking a remark from a lady in the waiting room that he should really be a high-jumper.

My two main projects this week are to make significant progress on the quilt I’ve started, and finish up my two genealogy courses.  I start another one in July, and then one in September.  It’s self-directed, and I’m very close to the end on both, so I should be able to wrap them up this week.

Tonight I’m going to see London Assurance, a play broadcast live in HD from the National Theatre in London.  Zouheir was supposed to go with me, but I’ve invited a friend to take his place. It’s an early start (6:30) so we’ll have dinner afterwards.

Off to sew!

Your thoughts?

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