Teehan writes on composing for the church.

Church? Like, CHURCH church?

Friends of mine are sometimes surprised to learn that in addition to my tuba player/composer career, I am also a choral singer and have been singing professionally in churches for some years.  I don’t keep this a secret, but I tend not to talk too much about it since it usually takes a backseat to my other activities.  The fact is, though, that choral singing has kept food on my table while I’ve gotten my “real” career off the ground, and continues to do so.

When the topic does come up, I’m sometimes asked, “so are you like, religious?”  or the simpler, “church? like, CHURCH church?”  I guess people are surprised because traditional church services are not very congruous with the lifestyle of the average jazz/rock musician.  And it’s pretty ironic, actually, that I’m working in a church now since I was raised without any religion. In fact, in my teens I was a pretty militant atheist: I thought the whole enterprise was ridiculous and didn’t miss an opportunity to say so.

Rob Teehan, Juno-nominated composer and tuba player, writes thoughtfully on his relationship with the church and how it’s changed since he started singing at, and composing for, church services.

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