It’s listed as a body bag on the Piquadro site (Italian)….


….but I like to call it a man-bag.

Z got one of these when we were in Italy, and I assured him that it will change his life. Every time he leaves the house it’s a scramble to assemble all his stuff: glasses (sometimes two pair as he can’t seem to get the hang of progressives), cellphone, keys, wallet, ipod, work ID badge, etc. And you don’t need to ask where much of this stuff ends up if he’s wearing a suit, doesn’t want bulges, and is out with me for the evening or whatever.

His new little bag is black, with a strap that can be either worn across the body or just over the shoulder. I picked up a little something similar for myself from Nannini in a nice summery cream leather. Perhaps I need to wait for the 24th of May, or am I horribly outdated?

Your thoughts?

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