My mini-book-pile for a week of holiday travel.

We leave for a week in Rome tomorrow, and I’ve decided on the books I want to take with me to read on the plane and during down times.  Normally, I’m frantically working my way through the books that come up on my library hold list, but I’ve made all my holds inactive so I can choose from my home library (mostly full of yet-to-be-read books!)

Here are the four I’ve selected (at this point!):

  • Peter Robinson: Wednesday’s Child.  I love his books, and I”m reading them in order.  This is the next one on the list.
  • Robert B. Parker: Sudden Mischief.  Parker is about as light as they come in the genre, and he just died.  I only have one of his left on my shelf, so it’s a go.
  • Pierre de Calan: Cosmas or the Love of God.  Unlike most of my books that I get used through BookMooch or Paperback Swap, this one was purchased new.  It’s a Loyola Classic, a study of a young man experiencing life as a Trappist monk.

and finally…

  • Morris West: The Shoes of the Fisherman.  An oldie (1963) but a goody…Book One of his Vatican trilogy. It was made into a movie with Laurence Olivier and Anthony Quinn. 
I will register three of these (all except for Cosmas) with Book Crossing and “release them” in Rome if I get them done (and Z doesn’t want to read them.)

Your thoughts?

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