Dim Sum in Chinatown

My sister-in-law Gemma and her daughter Magali visited us this weekend.  Gemma lives in Paris and Magali is working in Montreal….Gemma was here to visit her daughter and the two of them drove to Toronto for the weekend.  We took them to the AGO Saturday morning and then wandered through Chinatown, stopping for Dim Sum at Rol San on Spadina.  It was my first visit, and we were seated near the front door, where we noticed that we arrived just before the noon-hour rush.  Even so, the tables turned very quickly and there was very little wait.  The trick employed here (and this is the first time I've ever seen this) is a stack of thin plastic covers on each table.  When a party leaves, the bus person simply draws up the corners of the table cloth, wrapping all the dishes, napkins, tea cups, steamer baskets together, and whips the bundle into the kitchen, leaving a pristine new table ready for the next group.  

The food was excellent, steaming hot, and our teapot was refilled regularly.  We tried to order low-sodium soy sauce but our server didn't seem to understand English.  The hostess came over and offered us sweet soy sauce, which I guess is the same thing as it was definitely lower sodium.  Who knows?  We really enjoyed our meal and will be back.  Prices are very reasonable and service is quick and pleasant.


Your thoughts?

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