Seven Quick Takes Friday


Welcome to visitors from Conversion Diary and Company Girls.

  1. Z and I went to the preview of Cooking With Stella last night, courtesy of Mika at Good Egg who tweeted an offer for a double pass.  Dilip Mehta, the director and co-screenwriter was there and took questions at the end of the film.  Before the screening, Mehta suggested we look at it only as a comedy.  I didn’t understand what he meant until afterwards.  The film addresses the relationship between employers (in this case diplomats living in the Canadian compound in Delhi) and servants (the Indian staff), and is a look at the discomfort that can arise for both parties, as well as the various “businesses” that the cook runs given her access to duty free goods and the apparent wealth of her employers.  It stars the most fetching Don McKellar .  You can view the trailer here

  2. Tuesday afternoon, our hot water tank went.  I was trying to do some dishes and the water wouldn’t get hot.  It’s a rental tank from our local gas company, so I got on the horn and, after looking at our file, they determined that the tank was 18 years old.  At that point, they just decided to send out a replacement tank, which came the next day.  I have no idea if it will be more energy efficient, but I’m hoping so.  I guess we’ll be able to tell from our gas bills, to some extent.  I also very much need to replace our washer and dryer.

  3. Last Sunday, we picked up some flowers for my aunt’s birthday and bought ourselves a pot of spring bulbs at the same time.  It’s wonderful to have that little blast of living colour in our kitchen.  I used to always have some fresh flowers around, but have gotten out of the habit since we’ve been back in Toronto.  I think I’ll pick it up again because they are really refreshing.

  4. I read an extremely compelling piece yesterday at a new-to-me blog called Exile Lifestyle.  The author talks about undertaking short (a few months) experiments with lifestyle to push him in new directions and encourage positive habits.  For example, (and I really encourage you to read his whole post), he did a period of no TV.  A period of no black clothing.  An experiment with no new paper products (except for some personal-hygiene related ones and his notebook.)  Z and I talked about this last night, about some experiments we might try individually and together.   More to come on this one, I’m sure.

  5. Does anyone else have an issue with the shortform for microphone?  “mic”  It just doesn’t work for me.  It should be “mike”.  

  6. I “made” a loaf of bread last night, that is, I loaded up the breadmaker and set the timer for fresh bread this morning.  I do this every two days or so.  I was having a glass of limoncello at the same time, having just returned from Cooking With Stella and dinner at the Bloor Street Diner.  This morning, it didn’t smell like it usually does, and I couldn’t see the bread through the window in the machine.  I had forgotten to put the paddles back into the pan and the bread didn’t mix,  It just baked itself into the pan in a big floury lump.  Now I’m just waiting for it to cool down enough so that I can dump it into the compost.  No sandwich for my sweetie’s lunch today.

  7. Spent a couple of hours in the Kensington Market area with Michael yesterday afternoon.  We had just picked up his tuba from Long and McQuade where it was in for repair, and were heading to Good Egg on Augusta to get my movie passes.  I had assumed Michael had been to Kensington as he spends quite a bit of time in Chinatown with his friends from Japanese class, and it’s just a little north of there.  But it was all new to him, a bit of a wonderland of cheesy discount shops, produce markets, funky shops and restos.  He found a Point Zero sweater at 50% off and I picked up a couple of scarves at Zimmerman’s Discount, where Mr. Zimmerman told him to come back often as there are lots of nice-looking girls in the area.   It was a gorgeous day, and MIchael is a 15yo kid who doesn’t mind hanging with his mom, so it was all good!  


5 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes Friday

  1. #4 – Interesting idea. It could also turn into some good blog posts!#5 – "mic," as awful as it looks, is very handy for Scramble on FB or for old-fashioned Scrabble games.#6 – Limoncello, yum! You’re inspiring me! Had it (heard of it) first in a little village in Italy a few years ago, but have never had it since… Bread without a paddle: been there, done that–how disappointing.

  2. I had a misadventure in bread over the weekend. I forgot to put yeast in the breadmaker and wound up with a doorstop. We did not get soda bread with our corned beef this year. But the French bread I made up today turned out perfectly.

  3. Regarding #5 – I always hear ‘mick’ in my head when I see mic! I am with you on that one.I LOVE your 7 takes Fridays. Such a cool way to shape a post 🙂

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