A busy day in town.

Yesterday was full of good food, good conversation, and good art.

I headed down to Mercatto in the MaRS district for lunch with my brother and some others doing work in ethics in and around the University.  Very interesting conversation and excellent food made for a lovely meal.  Afterwards, John and I settled into a local Second Cup for some discussion of a conference he's planning for the fall and some next steps in setting up processes for the Centre he's heading up.  We parted ways and I wandered through Kensington Market, stopping in at the Blue Banana before heading to the AGO for an hour.

I checked out the exhibit of Rembrandt/Freud: Etchings from Life.  I"m a big fan of Lucien Freud's paintings, but had never seen his etchings.  The exhibit displayed Rembrandt and Freud etchings with similar themes side by side.  His nudes are particularly memorable.  The artists's words:  "I'm really interested in people as animals.  Part of liking to work from them naked is for that reason.  Because I can see more."

I met Z at Union Station and we walked down to the Harbour Sixty Steakhouse in the historic Harbour Commission building.  We were the guests of a colleagues of Z's and his wife, and had a lovely meal and interesting conversation.  (I'm actually still thinking about the filet mignon I had last night….one of the best ever!) They have teenagers as well, so there was comparison of notes and mutually held views on the joys and pains of parenting at this stage!  Before we knew it, it was past 10 pm and the room was emptying out. We headed back to Union Station, hopped on the subway and headed home.
The Harbour Commission Building.

Your thoughts?

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