Seven Quick Takes

Last night, Z and I attended a most spectacular concert.  Verdi’s Requiem was performed by the TSO, Toronto Mendelssohn Choir and four terrific soloists.  It was performed without intermission, and was the first time that I had heard this work in “real life”.  A wonderful evening.

I’ve been taking Wilson to the dog park regularly and we’ve defintiely noticed a change in his behaviour around other dogs.  He’s calmer, easier to correct when he starts to get anxious, and is in general less nervous.  He’s been very good at the park, with only minor issues when another dog takes his ball.  But this is a huge relief for us as he is finally getting socialized.

We’re on Day 3 of no TV for Lent and I’m loving it!  Although the radio is on more than I’d like.  But that’s okay.  I see a lot of reading in the next 30 days.

Alex comes home for Reading Week tonight.  It’ll be great to have him around, especially tomorrow as we have an extended family party to celebrate Michael’s 15th birthday.

The stock market challenge is going well so far.  It’s only been one full trading day, but I’m up a little, and have invested about $70,000 of my $100,000 in virtual cash (once the market opens this morning and my latest trades are executed.) Still looking for some hot tips!


Am doing some research and office support part-time for my brother for a few weeks. It’ll be a great opportunity to meet some people and possibly get some similar work in the future. Thus is city full of researchers and I’m hoping to meet some who need my combination af analytical, written and organizational skills. 

I need to go to a federal government office today to tell them my mother’s maiden name so I can get an online access code that requires it.  Seems bizarre and circular but, whatever! 

2 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes

  1. We have a whole bunch of tickets for stuff this month….it just kind of turned out that way, between our orchestra subscription and opera tix, we’re well-cultured at the moment!

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