Weekend journal

This weekend has been terrific! 

On Friday evening, we headed to Massey Hall to hear David Clayton-Thomas perform with his band and the TSO.  It was a great evening, with lots of his hits as well as some new music.  He's a modest guy with an interesting story.  At almost 70, his voice is still firm and rich, and he can still hit the notes.  The evening finished with an encore of God Bless the Child, a Billie Holliday tune that he recorded to great acclaim.

Saturday afternoon we headed to the 4:30 mass that was followed by a Catholic Women's League wine and cheese reception for married couples.  We had a great turnout, and a wonderful time meeting some new people and enjoying some salsa dancing lessons.  Immediately after mass, the parish priests blessed married couples and our pastor greeted each couple and blessed a book of meditations on the Theology of the Body and a holy card for each couple.  It was a lovely evening, enjoyed by all.  

Immediately after the reception, we took Michael out to our local sushi joint for his birthday dinner.  He's becoming a fine young man at 15.  We chatted about the math enrichment program he's attending on Saturday morning, and discussed trigonometric functions and their relationship to music and light, as well as some technologies like signal scrambling and sound dampening.  

This morning was choir and mass (take two for me).  We sang Homo Quidam (Jean Mouton) for the offertory, and O Taste and See (R. Vaughan Williams) during Communion.  This afternoon I finally finished Last Night in Twisted River by John Irving.  It was a great story, but long and not as engaging as I've found his previous books.  At least now I'm free to move on to my rather large stack that's been piling up over the past few weeks while I've been trying to get through this one.

This evening, Z and I went out to a local resto for a V-Day dinner.  It was an excellent meal, although overpriced I think.  A couple next to us got engaged, which was really sweet.  There was much applause from other diners, kisses, and excitement.  We had a lovely chat and a romantic walk there and back, so a successful outing on all fronts.

More tomorrow….it's the Family Day holiday, but Z has to work.  Michael will be doing homework, and I'm having a couple of girlfriends over for the day to visit.

Your thoughts?

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