Seven Quick Takes Friday


I had our second meeting with a financial planner today to do the data dump.  I came armed with all our financial statements and info, wills, Powers of Attorney, and they got it all down.  I have a few action items to get back to her with, but it feels great just to get started.  We'll meet again in four weeks to see what we need to do to prepare for retirement.  Someday.


Yesterday was Michael's 15th birthday.  We'll have a family party next weekend, and a dinner for him with just Z and I tomorrow.  He wanted to go to karate last night as he hadn't been much this week, so we just gave him his gifts and a big hug, and we''ll go out for Dim Sum (his choice) tomorrow.  We gave him a clock radio that docks his ipod and a memory foam pillow…he was pretty happy about both things!


He has a girlfriend.  His first one.  I can't really say more, but it's just sweet.


Tonight, Z and I are going to see David Clayton-Thomas (of Blood, Sweat and Tears fame) with the TSO at Massey Hall.  Should be a great show! 


Tomorrow evening, after the 4:30 mass, our parish's Catholic Women's League is hosting a wine and cheese reception for married couples in the parish.  I suggested this idea, as our former parish in Atlanta did it every year, and we've had some great feedback from people in their RSVPs.  Right after mass, the priests will bless each couple individually, and then everyone who wants to can head downstairs to our parish hall for a chance to mingle.  I'm looking forward to meeting some new people!


Monday is Family Day here in Ontario and school kids, provincial employees, and some others have the day off.  Z still has to work since he works for a private company, but I'm having two friends from university days over for lunch and some catching up.  If Z is free for dinner, the four of us will go out somewhere, as he knows them as well.  Should be a nice afternoon for some girl talk!


I broke down and had Wilson's teeth cleaned by the vet yesterday.  I vow to give him one raw bone each weekend to try to keep his teeth clean for more than a year.  Even with the National Pet Dental Health Month, I don't really want to spend hundreds of dollars each year on his teeth.  If we can extend the cleaning by a year, that effectively cuts his dental bill in half, so I'm hoping this plan will work.

7 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes Friday

  1. In my opinion, anything involving Jesus, wine, and cheese is a winning idea!!Our dog eats ice every now and then. I’ve heard it’s not good for their teeth but everytime we take her to the vet they tell us her teeth look fantastic.

  2. Too bad the Presbyterians i grew up with didn’t go for the wine part. Catholics are so much more open to things like Parish Oktoberfests and Pub Nights!

  3. Hey, I’m a fellow company girl. I noticed you mentioned Mass, which caught my eye and then that you were from Atlanta. We live there now, where did you go to church in Atlanta?

  4. @Kelley: we lived in Gwinnett county and went to Mary Our Queen parish. It was wonderful… see for more info, and check out the post below re their big project!

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