Lifestyle changes are working!

Today, I have officially lost 10 pounds since I saw my doctor January 5, after my little blood pressure incident at Christmas.

My BMI has dropped from 28.7 to 27.1, so I'm still in the “overweight” zone, but my clothes are starting to feel loose and I'm feeling leaner!

Thirteen more pounds will get me to a BMI of 25, which would be dandy, and I'd be at my lowest weight since well before I had children.  My oldest is 18.  

I've been watching salt, reduced my wine intake, have been walking for 30 minutes every day with the dog, and am just eating less.  No big secret. But this is a significant milestone for me, and the blood pressure was perhaps just the wakeup call I needed.

2 thoughts on “Lifestyle changes are working!

  1. I'm working on getting rid of my post pregnancy weight too! My youngest is 10…I've lost 8 lbs…since the first week of January….Good Luck!

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