Yep, there’s a reason these were scarce….


The Official Mitten of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics has been hard to find recently. Retailing for $10 a pair, these babies have been flying off the shelves at The Bay and Zellers. Michael really wanted a pair, and he had a guy at school ready to sell him some for $20. His father tried to talk him out of it (I stay out of these deals….he turns 15 tomorrow and can make decisions about his money himself, but that’s another story.) It turned out that the mittens for sale were Youth sized, not suitable for the man-child that is Michael.

Yesterday when I was out doing a little shopping at a local mall, I saw a big display in Zellers with piles of mitts. I picked up a pair in Michael’s size, slipped them on my hands and wowzie! They’re felt lined, and REALLY nice! So I picked up a dainty pair for me as well, new tennis balls for Wilson (the original errand) and a KitKat bar (impulse purchase, at the cash) and called it a day.

I wore them this morning when I was out with Wilson and they’re toasty and warm. And bright red, just in time for VeeDay!

1 thought on “Yep, there’s a reason these were scarce….

  1. I picked up a couple pairs for my oldest daughter and I this week too. We searched in vain before Christmas and were disappointed. I should probably go back and get a pair for me Wee One too. (Hubby would never wear them so he doesn't get a pair!)

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