Menu Plan Monday

This is kind of a cheater week to get back to weekly menu planning, but it’s a start!

Monday:  Mama’s Potato and Mini Burger Bake (a layered casserole of onions, thinly sliced potatoes, spicy mini hamburgers, and canned tomatoes

Tuesday:  Lentil soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Wednesday:  Cheesy tuna casserole.

Thursday: Out for Dim Sum to celebrate Michael’s birthday.

Friday:  Out before David Clayton-Thomas concert.

Saturday: Spinach salad with sliced hard boiled eggs and bean sprouts.  (We will have just returned from a parish wine and cheese reception and won’t want to eat much!)

Sunday: Out for Valentine’s Day.

Visit Laura over at Org Junkie to get some ideas for your weekly plan!

Your thoughts?

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