Jesus wept….

…and it wasn’t about climate change.

Unbelievable tripe in the National Post today.  I’m embarrassed to say that I attended the United Church for a few years.

Mardi Tindal, the newly elected moderator of the United Church of Canada, returned from last month’s climate change summit in Copenhagen with a deep malaise. Not a true clinical depression, but an anxious despair that reduced her to weeping.

“The difference between depression and what I was experiencing is that I wasn’t suppressing or finding myself in a place of isolation,” she said in an interview about her “lament,” and how it helped her to see “the truth about the condition of my own soul.”

She was so disappointed by the meeting’s failure to reach a binding deal that she broke down in the car one day as her husband drove toward their home church in Brantford, Ont.

“I simply wept. My tears were quiet, but I spoke through them, and I was being listened to. My husband said, ‘There is great power in what you have just said, and it is a powerful message that makes clear why you are weeping.’”

“And I said, ‘Doug, I’m weeping for the millions of lives that have been lost as a result of what did and did not happen in Copenhagen,” Ms. Tindal said. “My experience was that I had a place to go with my tears and my lament…. It’s an expression of pain for the world’s suffering.”

Don’t bother reading the rest.

Your thoughts?

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