Sunday Choral Report – Baptism of the Lord

Back on our regular choir schedule this week, with practice at 10 am before we sing at the 11:30 mass.  Today’s lineup included a traditional American hymn from the shape-note singing tradition called Wondrous Love, and the exquisitely beautiful piece To Thee O Lord by Rachmaninoff.

Processional:  When Jesus Comes to be Baptised (CBW3 – 350)

Sprinkling:  Come to the Water (Glory and Praise 52)
Offertory:  Wondrous Love (Traditional American)
Communion:  To Thee O Lord (Rachmaninoff; text A.M. Henderson)
Recessional:  Songs of Thankfulness and Praise (CBW3 – 348)

After mass, I grabbed a quick lunch and headed over to my SILs place to help her out with the children (4,2 and 4.5 months) while my brother is out of town.  We took them on the subway to the ROM to see the dinosaurs and also dropped by the Schad Gallery of Biodiversity which is wonderful.  Even though I’m a member, I’d never been in that gallery before and very much enjoyed it.  We returned to their place, grabbed a quick dinner, and popped the very tired boys into bed before I headed home.
The Biodiversity at Risk display area explores the factors contributing to species extinction, such as climate change and habitat destruction.  Visitors will also see many specimens that are threatened or have disappeared because of human influence.

And now I’m off to throw some ingredients into the bread maker and then gonna pop myself into bed!

Your thoughts?

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