An homage to classical music in Toronto

 Lovely article from the Star featuring local talent.  Fron the intro:

I can’t repeat it often enough: Toronto is home to an embarassment of classical music and opera riches. What helps me bound out of bed every day (okay, some days there is a bit less bounce in my step than others) is not just the great hometown-made music I’m going to witness, but the amazing people that I will cross paths with.

I lost count of the number of times, over the past 12 months, that I spoke to visiting artists who commented on how welcoming and collegial the Toronto Symphony and Canadian Opera Company were. Contrary to big-company stereotype, they are functional families who are eager to welcome guests into their fold.

That’s SO not like the infamous Coors Light billboard we saw this past summer that declared the brew to be “Colder Than Most People In Toronto.” A big pfffffffft! to that.

Star classical music blogger John Terauds goes on to profile Alison Mackay (bass player), Russell Braun (baritone), Peter Longworth (pianist), Shannon Mercer (Soprano), Peter Simon (Pres. & CEO, Royal Conservatory of Music), Ashiq Aziz ( artistic director), and Derek Holman (composer).

Clips from the featured artists are included.  A great read!

Your thoughts?

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