Aren’t things supposed to be quieting down now?

The last few days continue to keep me up and active, with nary a moment to lounge on the sofa and work on my book pile.

Alex’s laptop screen got cracked due to some dorm-room hijinks and, although I thought I had bought the “Complete Care Warranty” from Dell, a closer look at my invoice suggests otherwise.  So now he needs to come up with $499 (plus tax) to replace the screen.  On a laptop that cost less than twice that.  Four months ago.  So I spent time with Dell on the phone trying to figure out exactly what warranty I DID buy, and that (of course) the damage wasn’t covered.

My mother-in-law can’t stop cooking.  Our freezer is full.  The fridge is full.  The beer fridge no longer has room for beer.  She’s here for three more days and she’s figuring out how to get “everything done” before she leaves.  I keep buying 500 g of ground beef, 500g of stewing beef, onions, and lemons, and it all keeps getting turned into ziploc-packed goodness that needs to be crammed into our freezer.  I’m feeling bloated from all the bulgur my poor intestines are being subjected to.  I’ve been to Arz more in the past three weeks than in the past year.

Michael is still keeping night owl hours and he goes back to school tomorrow.  Sigh.

We met Alex’s girlfriend yesterday when she dropped over for tea before they headed downtown for lunch.   Lovely, polite, funny.  She is studying architecture at University of Waterloo….they met last summer when they worked at the same day camp for the summer.

Z and I are going to Rome for Easter this spring.  It will be my first time there and I’m completely excited about it.  I just worked my way through the Air Canada Vacations website, booking everything, to end up with some system error when I tried to actually pay for the tickets.  Dang.  The office closed until tomorrow, so I can’t do anything about it now.  It’s just frustrating to sit at the computer and do all the work, checking all the information three times, etc. and then getting kicked out.

Choir was quick and easy today; we only met 45 minutes before mass to go over music.  Our choir-only stuff was a quick read and sounded lovely.  For the offertory, we sang We Three Kings unaccompanied (the SATB version from here).  At communion, we did a lovely arrangement of In the Bleak Midwinter.  It’s such a beautiful hymn….I knew that the text was by Christina Rosetti, but I’d never noticed that the music was by Gustav Holst.

This afternoon, I finally got my blog template updated with a simple new look for the new year.  I’m not done with it yet, but it’s fine for now.  My resolutions are still feeling right and I am definitely enjoying the extra sleep.  The Christmas tree will come down this week, and then the living room can return to it’s natural state, with my desk replacing the tree.  I received a number of books for Christmas, so I want to give some books away, and tidy up my bookshelves while I’m at it.  I also have two books to review for Thomas Nelson…one is sort of “chick-lit” and the other is a book of devotions.  I hope to have these both done in a week.

Until tomorrow!

Your thoughts?

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