Simple Woman’s Daybook – November 23, 2009


November 23, 2009…

Around the house…there lots happening this week!  New crown molding and paint in the dining room, insulation under the floor, plus hanging our chandelier.  New paint in the kitchen.  I spent a couple of hours on the weekend stripping a hideous border off the walls.  Just that step alone improved things immensely.

I am thinking…about what I have to get done before 10 a.m. this morning:  dog to board, bank, meet contractors, buy paint, get school books ready, tidy kitchen.

I am thankful for…all the work my husband and son put into organizing the second floor of our house and clearing the last of the leaves outside.

I am learning…that sometimes you just have to put your library hold list on “suspend” so that you can catch up!

From the kitchen…not much is happening!  The kitchen has been emptied in prep for a new paint job in the next couple of days.  Hoping it will look much better than the yellow paint and ugly floral border against grey floor tiles and countertop.

I am wearing…black cords, black v-neck shirt with purple and white screen printing.

I am creating…a warm and inviting dining room space for meals, study, and relaxation.

I am going…to take my mother to see The Sound of Music at the Princess of Wales Theatre on Wednesday.  It’s her birthday gift.

I am reading... Just starting The Year of the Flood


 by Margaret Atwood and finishing up Rapt: Attention and the Focused Life


 by Winnifred Gallagher

I am hoping…that the renovations will only take three days as estimated, and that the new insulation under the floor will really improve the environment in the dining room.

I am hearing…my dog snoring beside me in his bed.  

One of my favorite things…brown paper packages tied up with string – can’t wait to see Sound of Music this week!
A few plans for the rest of the week…   theology class today, pick up mom from train station tomorrow and bring her to our upside down house, Sound of Music on Wednesday, my niece visits from Montreal on the weekend, Michael’s Nihongo Art award ceremony on Saturday.
Here is picture for thought I am sharing… This was taken outside my local (tiny) branch of the public library, stashed inside an small community centre.  I love it that the parents/caregivers can just leave their strollers outside while using the  facilities.  They even have an awning that can come down in inclement weather to protect them.


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