For my Canadian readers…

Amazon Home and Garden has come to Canada!  Now we have access to great deals in these categories, plus electronics on top of the books and other media we’ve come to love. was one of the shopping experiences I missed when we returned to Canada from the US, and now we’re getting a little love north of the border.

Because you never know when you’ll want one of these:

4 thoughts on “For my Canadian readers…

  1. Thanks for stopping by and commneting. I will check out that music. We are enjoying the study of the book of Ephesians.It is so rich with doctrine and devotion for the Lord.


  2. O.K., I am sorry my initial comment on your blog is so mundane. I noticed a few posts back that you referred to your Cuisinart thermal carafe coffee maker. My husband and I had one given to us (made by Black & Decker, I think) 17 years ago for our wedding. It has since died a death and we wish to replace it, but have not found a product which keeps the coffee hot enough. We like our coffee HOT, but really wish to have the carafe because we also despise that burnt coffee taste and smell. So, basically, is your coffee hot?

    I very much enjoy your 'Canadian content,' as we are Quebec residents. We also have a son in an all-boys, Catholic high school.

  3. The thermal carafe keeps the coffee at a very warm-to-hot temp, but I'm not sure that the machine itself would make it hot enough for you. Coffee purists suggest that coffee should be made with water that is not too hot otherwise it becomes bitter.

    I find that even if I make coffee at 6:30 in the morning, it's still quite hot by noon.

    Glad you dropped by!

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