Clutter Diet – Week 3

This is my third week on the Clutter Diet and we’re moving along.

We did some major (to us) work in the living room.  We removed an ugly light fixture that was there from when the former owners had a dining table in the space.  We are using the area as a book/office space, so installed track lighting in a “U” shape.   One of the long arms of the U is over a sofa that floats in the middle of the room, giving that seating great light for reading or needlework. The short bottom is in front of previously darkened bookshelves, and the other long arm is over the area that will become my desk and filing area.

We also finally got the phone company out to install some jacks for our second line, so the printer in that area is now a printer/fax!  Everytime I wanted to send a fax, I used a 25 foot long cable to plug the machine into the nearest jack.  Forget about receiving faxes.  So we’re all set on that front. The room is still in a bit of disarray, but that should all be back to normal by this evening, as the phone guys just left. 

The second task was around organising candles and accessories.  We’re good on that, although their current home is a piece of furniture that we want to sell, so they will soon need a new home, but not ’til after Christmas.

I did 15 minutes of file purging.  All our paperwork is filed in the cabinet, but there’s just too much stuff there.  I moved over to the Freedom Filer system a year or so ago and need to continue getting rid of stuff so that I can move down to a smaller cabinet.  It’s coming along.

Other good news:  we got rid of the ugly contractor grade light fixtures in the two small bedrooms upstairs and installed ceiling fans with lights.  The rooms are small and the air circulation is not very good, neither the heating in the winter or cooling in the summer, so the ceiling fans are an inexpensive solution until we can get the duct work fixed.  We also had the two phone lines installed in the bedroom that has become Zs office so he can have his fax machine there and take long calls for work on his own line.

Bottom line:  the clutter diet continues to be very inspiring, even if I don’t stick 100% to the assigned tasks, or modify them to suit our needs.

2 thoughts on “Clutter Diet – Week 3

  1. By the way, Janet, if you look in your template kinda close to the top, I put “tan” as a link color for “visited” links – it's the only place you'll see “tan” – I think it's still too light. I'd just type in “black” instead and preview it and if you like it, save it. The words work as well as the color code numbers #000000 is the color code for black… use either one you like.

  2. Oh. I also forgot that when you add something to your sidebars – make sure they're no wider than 220px – otherwise they'll overflow into your middle column and it won't look so great.

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