Toilet Paper…the research.


I don’t know this young woman, other than to read her blog, and I just started at that.  She hosts the Ten for Tuesday questionnaire that I participated in this week, and one of the questions was “Do you have a toilet paper preference?”  She noted that she was VERY opinionated on this topic, which I found intriguing and perhaps….odd.

Today’s post just cracked me up.  It explains all.  As a former market researcher, I found this brilliant and hilarious at the same time.  An excerpt and just the beginning of the story:

The year was 2005. The month was August. The city was Austin, Texas. I am the main character. It was the beginning of my junior year of college and it was my second year in an apartment. One afternoon I went to HEB to get groceries and other necessities. All seemed to be going well until a dark cloud came and ruined an otherwise cheery grocery trip. I found myself in the toilet paper aisle surrounded by countless types of toilet paper. I realized that I was lost. One ply, two ply, three ply, ultra, super, extra, soft, plush, single roll, double roll, triple roll, with aloe, quilted, printed. It went on and on. I needed a map.

I read the packages and quickly became overwhelmed. I was stressed by the immense pressure to pick the perfect roll. It was just too much, I couldn’t handle it. I was two Charmin bears away from a complete breakdown. I was about to walk away paperless when I realized that the problem will not go away. I would face this dilemma often, until forever. Right there, standing in front of those Charmin bears, I came up with a brilliant idea. I would try them all! Yes! Yes, I would try them all! And then I would decide which one is the best and I’d never be confused again! …. 

Read the rest!

3 thoughts on “Toilet Paper…the research.

  1. Baha! You posted it! I'm glad yu enjoyed it. I got my marketing degree from The University of Texas so I think my mind goes that way too. Seriously, there is valuable information in this book!

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