Simple Woman’s Daybook – October 26, 2009


For today, October 26, 2009…

Outside my window…it’s cool and grey.  The maple tree on the corner of my lot has lost half it’s brownish-red leaves, most of which were raked up yesterday afternoon.

I am thinking… about the new-to-us Spanish red wine I drank last night, and whether it might be the cause of the migraine I awoke with.

I am thankful for…a great weekend of decluttering and housework.  Seriously.  My closet and fridge are gorgeous, and the garden….well…it’s getting there.
I am wearing…pyjamas and slippers, still.  I’m not supposed to be online ’til I’m dressed, but with the headache and all….

I am remembering…praying for the choir during the Prayers of the People, just before we were to sing Ave Dulcissima Maria (pdf) for the offertory and were feeling a little….unprepared.  Is that sacriligious?  It went okay.  I was one of the altos singing the tenor line an octave down and it was nerve-wracking. I lost the lowest two notes by the time we got to mass (D and E below middle C).
I am going…to my first meeting of the Toronto Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society tonight.

I am readingThe Wife’s Tale


 by Lori Lansens.  A terrific follow-up to her previous novel The Girls


, both set in fictional Leaford, Ontario.

I am hoping…that Michael gets over the lingering flu symptoms in the next couple of days.

On my mind…I need to get back to the gym.

I’m learning

…about the Spanish mystics Ignatius and Teresa of Avila.  This morning at my theology course.

Noticing that…my appetite has dropped over the past few days.  I seem to be keeping busier which is a good thing.  The book I’m reading has a woman with a similar experience of lost appetite, and I’ve been pondering this phenomenon.
Pondering these wordsReg: All right … all right … but apart from better sanitation and medicine and education and irrigation and public health and roads and a freshwater system and baths and public order … what have the Romans ever done for us? – 

Monty Python’s Life of Brian

From the kitchen…my sparkly clean fridge is still thrilling me.  Why did I put off cleaning it for so long?  I am so easily amused.

One of my favorite things…sitting on our kitchen sofa with a cup of copy and two newspapers in the morning.
From my picture journal…Yonge Street, looking toward the Lee Chin Crystal at the ROM, on my way to the Naturally 7 concert at Koerner Hall last week.


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