Company Girl Coffee Time


I pretty much did my Friday morning brain-dump in my Seven Quick Takes post below.  I’m glad you dropped by.  Scroll down to see what’s up with me, and leave me a comment!

On my list for today:

  • Look after my 14 yo who seems to have the flu.  I entered his room to wake him up this morning and he had the blankets piled on top of his duvet and a moderate fever.  He’s had a cough for a day or two, but it seems full-blown today with runny nose and body aches.  Some orange juice and tylenol, and he’s up on his computer now.  And requesting a panini.
  • Clean out the fridge.  It’s appalling.  Really. Grimy. I’ve been putting it off for a couple of weeks, but today’s the day.
    Update:  The fridge is almost done…one more drawer and the grill at the bottom to wash and I’m done.  It sparkles!
  • Put away my summer clothes.  I have those space bags and I slip them under my bed once they’re shrunk down.  I just need to put the rest of the stuff in my dresser in the bag, suck out the air, and I’m done.  I’ve already put away our summer quilts so we’re on the path.
  • Start on this week’s assignment on the Clutter Diet, which is organizing my home office.
No more commitments for today.  I need time to visit some of y’all.

Your thoughts?

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